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The Classic TY 5 Minute/5 Feature Face

The most asked about help is always geared to creating a fast face polish. We have such beautiful features and many don't know how to enhance their special and unique traits. It can be intimidating to those who don't wear much makeup but rest assured that it CAN be done in 5 mins.

There are 5 mains areas to concentrate on when creating a quick makeup. Whether you're running out for some errands, lunch with a friend or a simple office look.

It may take you 15 mins for due time, you'll drop the 1!

These are the 5 main features I naturally recommend you work with. They emphasize the most and are so unique for every individual. Although the features never change, the formulas may!

1) Face/Skin- A moisturizer should be chosen based on your skin type. Whether dry/oily/combination or blemished of sorts, a formula pertaining to your skin type will ensure full day hydration and SPF.

*tip- choose a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a mild coverage as well as moisture!

2) Brows- Groomed brows frame the face. Start by brushing them with brow brush and if needed, fill them in with some colour to define them further. A quick tool is using a pencil with a brush head attached. 2 in 1! Fill your brow and brush the colour through for desired density.

3) Eyes- A pencil liner will easily define the eye without the boldness of a liquid liner. Stick to brown/light black to create a more natural look. A light line along your lash line will define your eyes and make it pop! Use a smudge brush to smoke it out. Top with a coat of mascara to finish the look and bring it all together.

*tip- a lash curler used before mascara can make eyes look brighter and more open!

4) Cheeks- Blush is an easy way to add a healthy 'pinch' to the skin. It imitates the natural flushing of our cheeks and mimics instant youth. For a 2 in 1 solution, choose one with a mild sparkle or sheen to add even more glow in one step! Sweep colour over the apples of your cheeks and glide upward towards hairline.

5) Lips- The easiest way to complete your look is with a fresh layer of lipstick or gloss. Lightly line with a nude pencil and fill in with a colour of your choice. Some long wearing lipsticks can ensure you last from breakfast to bedtime.

*tip- nude colours save time with less precision needed for blending!

Easy as that! A quick 5 minute face that can polish you up and make anyone glow in no time. As long as you hit each feature, you're ensured a balanced face that can also be altered anytime based on the appropriateness of your day/event or the look required!

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