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Balm Lippies- Simple Polishing!

Being a makeup artist for 20+ years, I’ve been able to enhance the most flattering features of so many lovely faces! One of my favorite features will always be the pout.

The lips can be challenging since they forever speak, sip, bite and of course, kiss- so maintaining a polished look throughout the day can seem impossible. Many women put great effort in putting on their favorite #lipstick in the morning only to realize 30 minutes later that its either smeared onto their blouse, coffee cup, across their child’s cheek or worse...all over their teeth.

For an easy daytime look- a lip balm is an easy option! There are so many choices out there that combine a smooth, hydrating feel, some much needed SPF coverage and best of all, some lovely color coverage to brighten the face.

Here are my top 5 favourite balms, all under ($10 CAD btw!) These are sure to replace the Dr. Pepper lip smacker we loved as kids:

1) Burt's Bees Balm- These tubes are chalk full of essential oils, herbs, flowers and of course, beeswax. Originally Canadian founded, these slick balms are my top pick for colour payoff with the best hydration!

2) NYX Butter Balm- Great color payoff, wide array of colors from pale pink to dark currant. Great option for the more adventurous who love to try new tones of bold colors. Smells yummy too!

3) Baby Lips- Basic tones, great colour payoff and under $5! New medicated formulation leaves behind a fresh tingly feel!

4) Vaseline Rosy Lips- Clinically proven to help heal and prevent dry lips... yes please! All while leaving a sheer, pink tint.

5) Smith's Rosebud Salve- Over 100 year old formula- tried, tested and true! Not only an amazing lip balm, its well used for blemishes, rough cuticles and even diaper rash!

Keeping your pout polished can be that simple. Mixing color and hydration in one step is a perfect pairing for lips, no matter the season. Opt for one of these simple colored balms that not only fits in your pocket but also makes reapplication a breeze!


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