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COVID Mask Style- #newnormal

Safety & Style unite with the latest MUST have accessories. This time it's truly a need instead of a want.

How quickly we've had to adapt to taking the highest caution when it comes to our health and keeping ourselves and each other safe. In a time when we felt so powerless, we all cling to any possible measure to do our part and help the spread.

A 'new normal' demands that we put humanity's health before all else. How we used to take this all for granted. Today our hands are peeling dry from hand sanitizer, our eyes are covered with over sized sunglasses and we can barely speak out of the face covering masks.

A 'new normal' demands that we put humanity's health before all else.

This safety precaution is not lifting anytime soon so make sure to keep a few on hand at all times.

Caring for your reusable mask is also just as important. Sanitize and wash the fabric after each wear and ensure you do not share- even with loved ones. Of course safety style has now come into play and with tons of different prints/colours/options, matching your outfit is easy and affordable! This is also a great way to support local businesses who are getting pretty creative with making adorable versions of the face coverings and letting you have some uniqueness to your looks.

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