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Aliya's Famous 5 Step Top Knot!

Nothing feels better than pulling your hair out of your face and out of the way!

I love wearing my hair down and styling but phew, sometimes its a lot of work! Especially in Summer, all you want is a stylish way to keep cool. I've always loved the Top Knot bun and it may be the style I get the most compliments on...oddly enough its the easiest and simplest one!

I use 5 really simple steps to create my 'go to' up-do! Whether your #hair is due for washing and you're just not up to it, or you really want a nice, sleek, pull away look, the knot is a great fix!

There is no 'perfect knot'. Don't worry about too much precision, the beauty of the knot is that its unique every time!

1) Spray in some leave- in conditioner. Creamy ones are best so not to be too sticky. Spray around the hairline and through to the ends and comb through. *tip- use some #dryshampoo in your roots to create more volume.

2) Flip head upside down and collect hair at the crown. If you can't bend or flip, pull hair up with a large brush to the centre of the crown. Tie a hairband (non-pull preferred) around and create a high ponytail. If it drops, it'll look more ballerina...a Top Knot is higher up towards the crown. *tip- make sure that it's not too tight. Traction Alopecia is #hairloss in the hairline caused by tugging too hard. A very tight bun can cause loss, please be mindful!

3) Twirl the ponytail around the hairband until you complete a round bun at the crown. There is no 'perfect knot'. Don't worry about too much precision, the beauty of the knot is that its unique every time. Secure in place with bobby pins all around the bun- use the pin placement to shape the bun into the look you like.

4) Keep the look slick if you like a more polished look or pull out small wisps around the sideburns (my favorite) to create a more worn in, causal look.

5) Spray with some hairspray mist to hold into place & enhance shine and bam, all done!

The Top Knot is by far my favorite up-do go-to and its gotten me out the door in record time! Try it a few times and before you know it, it'll be used by choice as not as a substitute. Knot away, friends! ;)


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