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First Date Style- what to wear?!

You’re excited!!! You’ve been connecting for a little while, things are going great and now it's time to meet!.....The most often asked question- what do I wear?! The anxiety over that decision almost takes the excitement away, doesn’t it? Replaces it with a bunch of stress and questions marks. As we know, First Impressions are key in ANY kind of meeting so this is your shot to make a great one and show who you are through your style.

A first date is an interview that may land you the gig...Make sure the benefits are worth it.

Although these tips won’t necessarily be the same for everyone, here are a few suggestions!

1- Jeans are OK! Try pairing them with a blazer or a dressier top to create a balanced look.

2- Easy with the heel height. Make sure you’re in a comfortable shoe in case a long walk takes place afterwards. Try a wedge or a kitten heel.

3- Keep skin visibility minimum and classy- Be a little flirty without giving away the whole show.

4- Make sure your outfit describes your personality- do not hold back on your TRUE style to impress someone. Eventually, it’ll lead to bitterness and discomfort.

5- Try to know the location of the date beforehand (or at least a hint) so that you can dress appropriately based on the venue.

Pro tip* -easy on the fragrance/cologne/makeup- it can be distracting from the real you and IT may be coming on too strong ;)

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