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Day to Night: 5 Steps to Quick Glam!

With only 24 hours in a day, its impossible to rush home after work, freshen up and make it quickly back out for those reservations! Sometimes we see those women after work who look like they just stepped out of a salon and the heck did they manage that?!

It's always assumed that the effort you put in is the look you'll get out. Yet, what if that 'effort' was so 'effortless'that it literally took 5 minutes to turn a simpler look into some serious evening polish. Glam can get a bad rap...that's its too challenging to get 'that look'. Turns out, a few little steps can take your daytime style up a few notches to confidently step out ready for happy hour cocktails!

Glam can get a bad rap...that its too challenging to get 'that look'.

Try these quick 5 steps in 5 minutes to ensure after work Drinks by 5:05 pm!

1) Brighten your lip/gloss

This may be the easiest way to change up anyone's look from day-night. For those who tend to wear more makeup during the day/at work, try brightening your lip color to make your lips pop! Try a brighter pink, red or even coral in the summer months! For those who prefer less makeup during the day, try adding a colored lip balm or gloss to draw some attention to your smile and make it glow.

2) Swapping studs for some sparkle

A smaller earring is more common for an office atmosphere as well as more appropriate for daytime. A casual earring compliments without being too distracting. Evening calls for more obvious accessories and can be enhanced! Reach for a hoop, dangle or something more colorful to add some punch to your outfit!

3) Swapping Flats for some height

Who can imagine wearing heels all day long and then continuing on into the evening? Well some can...but many can't! Invest in a great pair of ballet flats/flat boots or kitten heels to help make it through the day and effortless keep you on your toes, literally! By evening, do a quick switch out and your're ready to go- instant polish.

*tip- some ballet flats can roll up right into your purse!

4) A catching piece of jewelry

Ever noticed a lady's large, unique or sparkly accessory from across the room? How about their shiny colorful necklace that catches the light? Sometimes its all you need. Reach for a pop-out piece that captures some attention- often times, also a great ice-breaker!!

5) A spritz of fragrance

This last one will vary from every individual and venue. A fragrance is an easy way to add elegance to any outfit or ambiance. Perfumes comes in many different strengths. For a more formal event, reach for a stronger scent; if casual, even a mist of light body spray is enough.

*tip- a signature scent is always the strongest link to memory. Chose and stick to a signature scent

That's all it takes! A few minutes and a few steps to a quick evening glam. Next time, whether its a planned, formal event or an impromptu happy hour- you'll be ready to rock in 5 flat!


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