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Hot Mamas: Own the Jeans and Tee

Becoming a mom is a magical event, so body image should be the last thing on your mind. You’re already dealing with enough change—add in the body image drama and now you’re scared to death of fashion, image and beauty.

The standard pairing of jeans and a tee may sound boring and basic; however, using these 5 add‑ons will take this classic duo from drab to fab:

5 steps to Glam:

While you’re transitioning into your new look and body, you can easily tweak your post-prego look and feel as fashionable as you did before!

1) Play up your makeup – Never underestimate the power of a bold lipstick or a little blush. Try a soft, warm blush for daytime and add a bright shade to the lip for evening. A little goes a long way, so play up your best features! To control shine throughout the day, opt for a mattifying powder . Compacts are best if you are on-the-go!

2) Throw on some (short) heels – Daytime calls for those comfy flats and sneakers. Play with prints and textures to add style to your footwear; this lets you chase kids and still look fabulous doing it. To effortlessly switch to an evening look, dress up your jeans with a kitten heel or low wedge. Just make sure your hem lines are appropriate for the heel height so that your pants are not dragging on the floor and you can still chase...if necessary of course.

3) Add a blazer – It’s amazing how a simple blazer can effortlessly add class and style to even the most casual jeans. For some extra edge, cuff your sleeves. This also helps to keep your sleeves clean while picking up after those kiddos!

4) Wrap a scarf – Adding a scarf is one of the easiest ways to change your look. Play with colorful patterns to add some pop to your classic jeans and tee, or add some texture with tassels or a fringe. Whatever the season, scarves of all fabrics add flair to any look—no matter how casual!

5) The jewelry! – Necklaces, bracelets and earrings can all add instant glam to even the simplest of looks. Opt for some long, delicate chains over your casual tee or a chunky necklace to make a bolder statement. Large earrings look dressier, while a simple stud looks clean and classic. Try stacking some bracelets with your watch. Every time you check the clock, you’ll be reminded that you are still one stylish mama ;)

Be an original mama, show off your own style, and let it look effortless!

Staying current doesn’t have to be stressful for a Mom. These 5 simple add-ons are sure to take your basics beyond to mix comfort with class and keep you as the fashionably fabulous Mama you are!

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